SmartFoxServer PRO 1.6.6 was installed successfully!

In this welcome page we we will guide you through the first steps in getting started with SmartFoxServer.
You will be able to explore the many examples provided, access the latest documentation, learn how to get support and more.

» Browse Examples

Click the button below to browse the live examples coming with SmartFoxServer (Flash Player 9 or higher required.)


» Documentation

SmartFoxServer provides a detailed off-line documentation that is found under the Docs/ folder in your SmartFoxServer installation directory. We also recommend to check our online documentation and white paper section which are updated very frequently:

» Support

We have a very active support forum where you can get free help for any problems regarding the server, the API, notify bugs etc... For any other problem, dedicated support or other inquries feel free to can contact us via email.

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